In my last post I talked about selecting your photographer and went over a few points about who to pick and how to find them.  I listed some pros and cons of certain situations, but I thought I’d list some few trends that I am seeing from local photographers.

1.  Hire a professional.  I see more and more people claiming to be a “professional” when really they are just do it on the side, made a website, bought a new camera and started charging to do it.
What does a professional photographer really do?
-REAL professionals have years of experience in creating artwork, not just pressing a button.  REAL professional photographers know how to use artificial lighting (flashes) when they need it.  REAL professional photographers have training and experience in posing humans.  POSING is underrated, if you want to look the BEST you possibly can, then you need to work with someone that understands centuries of art history and why certain poses work for girls and others for guys.  REAL professional photographers understand what outfits go with specific locations, and understand the importance of fashion and wardrobe for your session.  REAL professional photographers know how to work with animals/props/cars/locations/etc and do it VERY well.

2.  Being Unique
Have you ever seen your friends senior pictures, and they are the same as your cousin or other friends at school?  Most large studios in Tucson will do all of their senior pictures at the SAME locations (usually in studio or around their studio).  When 25% of your school goes to one photographer and they all come back wit the SAME BORING pictures, how cool is that?  NOT ONE BIT.  Look for a photographer that knows how to be unique, that doesn’t go to the same locations OVER AND OVER again.  Maybe they use the locations more than once, but, their pictures shouldn’t be IDENTICAL.
Another part about being unique is doing your own thing.  What if you were really ice skating and wanted pictures of you doing a triple-lutz-whatever-jump?  A REAL professional photographer would want to go to a rink and create something unique, JUST FOR YOU.

3.  Photographer’s in Tucson are a dime-a-dozen.  There are ton’s around, but only a few that are well known for producing high-quality photography.  Take time to search online, ask friends, check out facebook and really look at the other photographers and find the right fit for you.  My favorite is tucson senior portrait photographer is Spencer Boerup, you owe it to yourself just to check out his site, even though he might be slightly expensive, IT IS SO WORTH I!

Hope this helps!

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