What to bring to your Senior Portrait Session: Fashion Guidelines


-Bring a large variety of clothing, more than you think you will need. This will allow you to wear different outfits with different backgrounds or scenery. A lot of different photographers might charge extra for clothing changes, so check with your photographer about this. Generally, the good photographers will not be very restrictive.

-Your face should be the most important part of every portrait. Long sleeve solids or very subtle prints are usually the most flattering and least distracting. But, its also important to capture you, your personality and what you like to wear, so even trendy. Consult your photographer on what to bring, they will know whats best for your session

-Don’t forget about shoes! Most times you will take a variety of poses, sometimes incorporating your shoes. If you want your feet showing, don’t forget about a number of different pairs of shoes.

-White or very light outfits can make an individual more pale, not more tan.

-Be mindful if you wear glasses! The best photographers know how to work around them, but if you do wear glasses on an everyday bases, it might be worth calling your optometrist to see if you can get a pair of lens-less frames.

-Casual outfits with earth tones look best for any outdoor type portraits.

-Generally speaking, clothing with large graphics or bright patterns are very distracting to the most important part of the image: your face. It’s OK to bring some things that define your personality, but ask Mom or consult with your photographer about what will be best.

-HAIR: Style your hair with something you are comfortable with; avoid any new styles or cuts and colors. Men, you hair generally looks best within 1 week after getting it cut. Men, if you wear a beard or moustache, have it neatly trimmed. Unless you have 5 o’clock shadow all the time, and thats how your friends and family are used to seeing you, most guys look best cleanly shaven.

-For the most part, wearing clothing in layers photographs very well. If you have a jacket, it could be a very nice portrait if it isn’t too hot out.

-Longer sessions mean longer portraits. The more time you spend with your photographer, the more options you will have in the end. Some custom shots can take up to 15 minutes to setup and photograph properly. If you plan on incorporating props (like sports equipment, musical instruments, uniforms, cars, etc), then expect to spend more time on your session.

-Decide beforehand if you want someone present with you at your session. Sometimes bringing parents can make certain seniors more comfortable, to others it can only create anxiety. Consult with your photographer beforehand if it is OK for friends or relatives to come along!

-Wear make-up. If you do not normally wear make-up, use a minimal amount of powder or something to eliminate any shine. It is important to look your best, so bring make-up with you. Ask your photographer about a make-up artist if they provide one. Keep your make-up natural and fresh, you never know what will be out of style in 5 years.

-Unless you are really skinny, tanks and short sleeves will make your arms look big. No matter how cute you think the outfit really is.

-Accessories. Don’t forget the accessories! Many girls underestimate hair ties, hair bands, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, peircings, etc . . . bring a lot more than you need.

-Long sleeves and button up shirts are timeless, plan on bringing atleast one or two different types.

-Shorts are generally not the best, as visible skin from your legs is often very distracting from your face. Shorts and flipflops are a no-no.

-Wear something that your mom wants, she’ll love you for it. Then, bring all the cool stuff you like to wear. Bring a lot of changes of clothing, more than you think you will need.

-Guys often photograph better holding something, like a ball, helmet or other musical instrument.

-If you have a cool car, these can be real eye-candy or a real dud. Find a photographer that has quite a few automotive samples in his/her portfolio and pick the best one. AWESOME car pics are a total chick magnet . . . maybe.

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